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1-800-862-5965 is the premiere destination for IP camera solutions and managed IT services. Our portfolio is diverse and fit with products designed to satisfy a broad range of needs.

Why should you choose Camera Agent as your partner? Following are just some of the reasons that come to mind:

  • Enterprise-Class Solutions – Camera Agent is solid proof that you do not need an enterprise budget to get an enterprise-class service. All of our packages are economically priced and based on a flat-rate monthly fee. More importantly, they are tailored to help you accomplish your goals without breaking the bank.
  • Vast Selection of Products – Whether it is a hosted video system, website design, hosting plan, or colocation, we have something suited for your requirements and specifications. The diversity of our portfolio lends itself to simple and complex needs alike.
  • Impeccable Infrastructure – Backed by a state of the art data center and scalable network, Camera Agent is more than capable of providing a highly reliable service. Our main facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is equipped with all the features needed to keep your systems online in the midst of outages, service disruptions and security threats. In addition, our network is powered by the best in class routing equipment and multiple backbone connections provided by industry-leading T1 internet bandwidth carriers.
  • Dependable Support – Camera Agent prides itself on providing the best support in the business. We have a team of certified engineers available to troubleshoot any technical problems your service may be experiencing, as well as knowledgeable customer service agents ready to field general inquires and questions. It all equates to a superior support system you can count on when times get tough.
  • Hands-On Experience – Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse technical backgrounds and years of experience in the IT sector. In fact, CyberLynk, our parent company, has been thriving for well over 23 years. During that span, it has been in excellent standings with The Better Bureau, maintaining a perfect A+ rating for never receiving any complaints. That history can be attributed to the company’s mission to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, which is the same attribute that is responsible for its positive growth.

Camera Agent is more than just an IP camera specialist and hosted video provider. We are a full service firm offering branding and white label services geared to help you build your brand and create awareness in the digital era. From planning and implementation to upgrades and data security, we provide everything you need to make an impact in today’s competitive business landscape.

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