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IP Camera Hosting For Retailers

IP camera hosting is demonstrating its ability to benefit a number of different industries, and the retail sector is one area where its success has been most evident. This is not surprising, as retailers have traditionally relied heavily on video surveillance to their monitor day to day operations. However, due to budget restrictions brought on by a struggling economy, store owners have recently began to seek out more economical alternatives.

Hosted IP camera services are what many retailers are choosing, as these solutions provide a way to save money without sacrificing security.

The Modern Era of Camera Surveillance

Technological innovation has made it possible for retailers to ensure protection in ways that were previously not possible. Following are some of the benefits companies in this important sector may see from implementing a hosted surveillance camera system:

Flexible Monitoring Capabilities

IP camera hosting is capable of lending superior flexibility to retail stores. Leveraging internet protocol, it captures and streams video content over a broad range of networks. With a simple internet connection, store owners can easily monitor multiple points of the establishment right from the office computer. Some of the more advanced systems even support smartphones and other mobile devices, enabling managers and owners to view shop activity, even on the go.

Integration with Existing Systems

The retail business requires more internal systems than almost any other industry. One unique advantage that gives hosted IP cameras an edge over traditional surveillance systems is its power to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Some retailers have found tremendous success by combining it with their POS (point of sale) systems, using the technology to monitor each and every transaction that occurs in the store. Depending on the vendor, such a system may even be integrated with existing alarm systems. When it comes to hosted IP cameras, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Circumvent Fraudulent Claims

One of the biggest problems retailers face is fraudulent claims. Sadly, it is not uncommon for patrons to fake injuries, such as slip and fall accidents, to seek compensation for damages. Without a comprehensive security system in place, proving that the incident didn’t happen is difficult to say the least.

IP camera hosting enables retailers to stop fraudulent claims dead in their tracks through the power of visual evidence. The high resolution video footage it delivers can go a long way in preventing theft, identifying criminals, and helping prosecution make arrests.

Theft and internal shrinkage threaten the livelihood of stores all across the company. Big or small, it could happen to any establishment. For companies in the retail sector, hosted IP cameras can provide a peace of mind that cannot be measured on any scale. This comfortable level of assurance comes from knowing that a reliable security system is in place to protect customers, employees and the business itself. Choose the right solution, and you will benefit greatly in terms of productivity, cutting losses, maximizing profits and so much more.

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