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IP Camera Hosting For Nursing Homes

Surveillance systems are increasingly becoming must-have features in nursing homes throughout the country. In fact, in 2009, it was reported that the presence of security cameras greatly reduced the occurrence of neglect and abuse in care facilities in the state of New York, prompting Attorney General Andrew Cumo to call for the deployment of even more security systems.

While traditional surveillance solutions have been doing a fine job for many years, nursing home operators are increasingly discovering that HVaasS (Hosted Video as a Service) is equally, if not more effective, at providing safety and security.

Efficient Monitoring Equals Stellar Security

Often referred to as IP camera hosting, HVaaS can provide an exceptional level of protection for businesses in various fields, and nursing homes are no exception. Following are some of the benefits this type of system has to offer:

  • Safer environment for residents and staff – One major benefit of deploying HVaaS is the added layer of protection it provides for nursing home residents and employees. It is critically important for these facilities to be monitored at all times. Not only do intruders pose as a threat, but ill residents may wander away and put themselves at risk if the opportunity presents itself. With IP surveillance cameras installed, management and security personnel can make sure all residents stay inside where they are safe.
  • Focused eyes around the perimeter – An IP camera hosting solution is ideal for securing the inside and outside of a nursing home facility, as well as everything in between. The system can be easily set up to monitor parking lots, entrances, and other areas that deserve attention. Additionally, just having cameras in view can go a long way in deterring thieves, intruders, and stragglers from loitering on the property.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities – It is advantageous to have the ability to monitor video footage onsite, but even better when the same task can be done from a remote location. This is one of the distinct advantages HVaaS has over traditional surveillance systems. All footage captured can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, or compatible mobile device, such as a smartphone. This luxury truly comes in handy for operators that have the need to simultaneously monitor multiple nursing homes.
  • Build trust – Nursing home neglect and abuse have become major concerns, and the widespread media attention has caused some businesses in this area to suffer because of it. Families are worried about the safety of their loved ones, and naturally, they find it difficult to trust nursing home facilities after hearing all the horror stories. While it takes quality care to improve the overall perception, an effective security system can also calm the fears they have. Coupled with good business practices, IP camera hosting makes it easier to earn the trust of family members who want their relatives to receive the best possible care.

The use of video surveillance in nursing homes is a controversial subject due to privacy issues, but the added safety and security benefits are elements no critic can deny. For the nursing home that is concerned about protecting both their residents and image, HVaaS could prove to be an invaluable investment.

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