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IP Camera Hosting For Manufacturing

The importance of security has heightened for every industry in the world, and manufacturing facilities are certainly no exception. Although CCTV systems have served their purpose for a number of years, there are many reasons why IP camera hosting solutions makes a better option for providing enhanced security and boosting ROI.

Innovations in Camera Surveillance

Closed circuit surveillance systems have been a staple in the manufacturing industry for years. Numerous companies have used them as an effective method of monitoring safety, security and improving productivity in the work environment.

However, advancements in technology have resulted in a shift away from traditional methods and towards more comprehensive security systems. Today, companies in the manufacturing industry are increasingly implementing hosted IP camera solutions to support their needs beyond security. Below are just some of the benefits attracting manufacturers to this advanced technology:

  • Monitoring of manufacturing processes – IP camera hosting can be deployed to monitor and help improve a broad range of manufacturing processes. This type of system provides management personnel with the insight needed to make more informed decisions in regard to quality control, production procedures, and critical operational efficiencies. In addition, the monitoring provided by such a solution could enable management and employees to communicate much more efficiently.
  • Employee management – A hosted IP camera system can also help management better monitor the activities and habits of workers. In the past, management personnel were essentially forced to walk throughout the site to watch over employees, wasting valuable time that could have been spent on more productive core business activities. Advanced surveillance technology makes it possible for management to monitor employees throughout the entire facility right from the office desktop. With the right system in place, manufacturing companies can greatly increase productivity and boost overall labor efficiency.
  • Superior flexibility – IP camera hosting offers a degree of flexibility that makes it easy for manufacturers to monitor everything from the allocation of personnel to inventory tracking. With the click of a button, inventory managers can view video footage in real time to make sure employees are in the right place and inventory is maintained properly. If need be, management can even monitor multiple sites from a centralized interface to ensure that all locations are secure. The added peace of mind that comes along with these features simply cannot be measured.

Hosted IP camera solutions not only benefit the manufacturing industry in terms of security, but productivity and return on investments as well. A comprehensive solution can streamline internal processes and enable large scale operations to flow more smoothly. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the potential to boost profits, and more importantly, enhance the customer experience.

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