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IP Camera Hosting For Financial Institutions

Financial institutions understand the importance of deploying top-notch security systems to protect their facilities and prevent unnecessary losses. While CCTV has served its purpose through the decades, today’s technology presents an even more powerful security option. As technology advances, many of these institutions have turned to HVaaS (Hosted Video as a Service) solutions.

Immeasurable Benefits

Enabled by Internet Protocol and advanced online camera video technology, HVaaS can arm banks, credit unions and other financial entities with superior security. The industry as whole is finding out that these systems are a cost effective way to protect working environments and consumer assets from a wide range of possible scenarios. Some of the benefits include:

  • Robbery prevention – It is no secret that banks and financial institutions handle large amounts of money on a routine basis, often in cash. This makes them very susceptible to robbery attempts. For this reason, a comprehensive surveillance system is needed to deter criminals and protect the facilities in possession of consumer assets. HVaaS systems are highly effective at preventing robberies and stopping criminals in their tracks. Furthermore, they can provide an added layer of protection when integrated with existing alarms and other security systems.
  • Fraud prevention and prosecution – What makes HVaaS so effective as a security solution is its ability to monitor activities in and out of the bank. This means that it can help prevent fraud both from outsiders and staff alike. Should a crime be committed, the footage captured by the online camera video technology can be used to aid in identifying the perpetrator and generating a conviction.
  • Improved consumer confidence – An effective security system can go a long way in boosting confidence and building trust within consumers. It gives them the reassurance that they are physically protected when they pay a visit, and that their assets are secure at all times. The presence of surveillance cameras also gives staff an added peace of mind, letting them know that they are being monitored when entering and leaving the workplace.

Many people view banks as the most secure institutions in the world. However, it takes a robust, comprehensive security system in order for that perception to live up to expectations. HVaaS is up for the task. The advanced online camera video technology it utilizes enables financial institutions to ensure a comfortable level of protection, while dramatically cutting back on crucial losses in the process. More importantly, it keeps the consumer feeling at ease. These qualities make a hosted surveillance system a viable option for any organization that requires the utmost security.

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