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CyberLynk operates two datacenters in North America. The largest of the two is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the second datacenter is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Both datacenters are capable of testing upload/download speeds up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps). CyberLynk maintains a large network backbone using high-end Cisco switches and routers along with BGP peering with multiple providers to ensure the fastest speeds for all our customers. If you want to test your customer locations to ensure they have the bandwidth available for live streaming one or more cameras please use these speed test options.

Speed Tests – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21554. We peer with ATT, NTT Communications, Cogent, Level3 and Spectrum in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter.

Speed Tests – Phoenix, Arizona

Below are several links to test the upload and download speed tests directly from our Phoenix, Arizona datacenter.

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21624. We peer with TW Telecom and Cogent in our Phoenix, Arizona datacenter.

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