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Innovations in IP camera technology have paved the way for security vendors, distributors, and system integrators to tap into one of the fastest growing markets in existence. With attractive white label packages up for grabs, anyone interested in adding hosted HVaaS (Hosted Video as a Service) to their portfolio of services can easily do so and potentially make an impact in the industry. While genuine opportunities exist, it takes leads in order to get those conversions you need to be successful.

The Importance of Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important tool in any branding strategy. This is especially true in the IP camera market, which despite its growth, can still be considered a niche area. If you can get your products and services in front of key decision makers, you could walk away with a lucrative amount of new clients. Being able to do this effectively requires a soundly executed lead generation strategy. gives dedicated lead generation efforts to help our clients make the most of their venture with HVaaS (Hosted Video as a Service). Following is a brief overview of our services:

  • Lead Acquisition – We fully understand the challenges organizations face in the game of acquiring quality leads. This deep understanding allows us to create custom lead generation programs designed to help you connect with decision makers using the communications and methods best suited for your business. Our goal is to help you convert those leads into genuine opportunities that create recognition and revenue for the brand.
  • Lead Nurturing – Some companies excel at engaging prospects that are ready to buy, but fail miserably at handling those that need a little extra nurturing. It is this company that stands to miss out on a countless number of new customers. works closely with its clients in an effort to treat every lead like a potential customer. We help you nurture them through each step of the customer cycle and at the same time, provide consultation that allows you to maximize your overall marketing strategy.

Leads Directly From

Camera Agent’s IP camera products and services are strictly reserved for professionals that have a desire to capitalize on the advancements in web-based surveillance. Camera Agent does not sell solutions to consumers, but we are more than happy to point leads to our resellers.

Our “Find a Video Service Provider” page is a powerful lead generation tool that connects interested consumers to our affiliated security professionals.

We offer consulting services and white label packages that can be easily customized to reflect the identity of your brand. Leveraging an impeccable network and the best equipment in the business, we can get your system up and running with a fast deployment — and help you generate the leads that strengthen your bottom line.

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