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Becoming a Video Service Provider

A hosted IP camera solution is a great option for those who want to add video surveillance to their portfolio of services. The benefits this type of system offers over CCTV are plentiful. Aside from being easier to manage than its analog-based counterpart, an IP camera solution is more flexible, scalable, and cost effective especially.

However, successfully implementing and maintaining such a system has proven to be so expensively prohibitive that some security managers have shied away from the concept. This is where service providers like change the playing field by offering access to a platform like AXIS Guardian.

AXIS Guardian offers fully managed IP camera solutions that take the hassle out of advanced video surveillance. AXIS Guardian is compatible with most Axis Camera products, designed to provide the flexibility and scalability needed to satisfy the security requirements for you and your clients.

Your Business, Your Way puts you in complete control of your business. You leverage the AXIS Guardian infrastructure and have the power to price your packages and manage your clients how you see fit. Our services are affordable and easily accessible to any experience level. Following are some of the reasons customers choose us for their monitoring and security needs:

  • World-Class Infrastructure – AXIS Guardian is hosted a state of the art data center operated by Amazon AWS. AXIS Guardian is equipped with the features and technology to ensure that your hosted IP camera system runs smoothly.
  • Administrative Control – As a client, you have full authority of your surveillance system, meaning you can view video footage on demand and control data access accordingly.
  • Integration with Existing Systems – AXIS Guardian hosted IP camera solutions can be easily integrated with your existing systems, allowing you to scale and make enhancements as your requirements change.
  • Dedicated Support – The support team is always available to service your needs. Whether it pertains to installations, configurations or upgrades, feel to reach out, and we will respond promptly to assist in the best way possible.

White Label Solutions Tailored For Success

If you are looking to resell IP camera services, then has several options for you. With our white label solutions, you can customize the system, collect customers at your website, and manage everything as your own. We stay in the background and handle the technical aspects while allowing you to set your own prices and operate your business. This partnership results in cost savings, more profits and longevity in one of the most exciting new industries in existence.

Camera Agent is an official Axis Communications Video Hosting Provider. There are a handful of Video Hosting Providers throughout the world and Camera Agent is one of the largest providers in the market today.

Video Service Providers are able to signup with Camera Agent and have the ability to start providing IP Camera Hosting services in a matter of minutes. Distributors, Integrators, Resellers, Security Dealers, Locksmiths and many more now have the ability to offer IP Camera Hosting fully branded without the huge start up costs that were needed in the past.

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