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AXIS Guardian Hosting Features & Technology

The AXIS Guardian Platform offers service providers the flexibility they need to be successful:

  • Remote viewing and control
  • Easy customization and installation
  • Scalable architecture
  • H.264 video compression
  • One-Click Camera Connection

A platform for service providers

The AXIS Guardian Hosting solution is a platform for creating a service provider-specific portal to manage video monitoring services over the Internet without the hassle of maintaining software, patches and hosting environment.

Scalable system

The number of sites and camera installations are limited only by local Internet bandwidth at the end users location and system configuration. It allows for easy administration of multiple user accounts and permission levels, as well as user-specific camera settings.

Ease of use and intuitive handling

The user interface is straight forward and sleek using a modern web interface design. The system includes recording search functions with calendar visualization and export functionality, navigation tools that provide quick access to cameras and recordings. The system supports control of PTZ cameras.

One-click Camera Connection

The unique One-click Camera Connection feature makes it easy to include cameras in the system regardless of Internet service provider, routers and firewall settings.

Efficient use of bandwidth

Support for H.264 video compression significantly reduces the need for Internet bandwidth without compromising image quality. To save bandwidth and storage, the software supports scheduled and event-driven recordings initiated by motion or external inputs. Manual recording can be defined directly in the service portal’s live view interface. Event notifications can be sent by e-mail, SMS or MMS.

Gain a competitive advantage

By adding Internet-based video monitoring to your service offering, you will establish closer relations with existing customers and at the same time broaden your potential customer base.

Monitored area

The Axis network cameras are simply connected to the customer’s existing network and registered at the video service portal. The cameras are immediately available for viewing and recording over the Internet.

Central storage

The system requires little or no management by the user. Updates can be handled automatically and the cameras are constantly checked for any malfunction. The storage of customer video and day-to-day maintenance are handled centrally.

Remote monitoring

The end user can now watch live and recorded video from any location by logging in to the Axis video service portal. Alarm operator access to the video material can be approved, allowing qualified staff at an alarm central to take necessary actions.

Add end-user value

Remote monitoring of homes, stores and smaller businesses provides an effective way to manage your customers security concerns while a work, at home or on the road.

Develop your existing service offering

The backend of the system has been developed by Axis engineers and the Hosted Video platform and software is maintained by Axis engineers in Amazon AWS datacenters. AXIS Guardian can easily be implemented as a standalone service or integrated into other remote services such as burglar alarm monitoring or remote access control.

Improve business operation

Improved alarm operation by remote video verification and alarm reset. Serves to prevent damage on property and thus minimizing insurance claims.

Easy to implement

The One-Click Camera Connection provides a zero-config solution for the end user. When Axis network video products are connected to a local area network at monitored sites, the Guardian hosted platform system provides easy and secure Internet access to live and recorded video accessible from any location.

Scalable architecture

The Axis Guardian software has been developed to be very scalable and the portal is then customized to meet the specific needs. The service can be scaled to manage thousands of password-protected cameras and authorized users.

Flexible service offering

Flexibility to offer different levels of service depending on customer profile, with easy administration of user specific camera settings and storage needs.

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