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Benefits of AXIS Guardian Hosting Service

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Access to live and recorded material from anywhere
  • Safe and secure Minimal maintenance
  • Wide range of network cameras that meet your requirements

Cost-efficient video monitoring for smaller installations

AXIS Guardian Hosted video is a monitoring and recording service suitable for typically 1-10 cameras per site. Since there is no need for DVRs it is an affordable solution for a smaller business or wherever you need to keep an extra eye.

Ease of installation and trouble-free monitoring

All that is needed is an Internet connection, an Axis network camera that is supported by AXIS Guardian and an account with You simply connect the cameras to your network and add the cameras to your AXIS Guardian control panel. If you need to expand your system later, new cameras can easily be added. The cameras are immediately available for viewing and recording over the Internet. At work, at home or on the road – you can log in to the service portal from anywhere using a PC, laptop or most modern cell phones.

One-click Camera Connection – No network configuration needed

Installing an Axis camera with support for the AXIS Guardian Hosted Service and One-Click Camera Connection requires no network configuration. Regardless of the Internet service provider, routers and firewall settings it is easy to install and add cameras to the system. This, without compromising the desired security settings.

Minimal maintenance

You don’t need to install any dedicated server, software, DVR or local PC. As a Video Service Provider you will take care of all system maintenance and make sure that your recorded video is stored on a local SD card in the camera along with recording enabled within the cloud hosted AXIS Guardian platform.

Cameras for any need

Axis has a wide portfolio of products for professional IP video surveillance. You can benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – several with e.g. megapixel/HDTV resolution and support for Power over Ethernet, in order to eliminate the need for power cables and reduce installation costs.

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