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IP Camera Related Articles is powered by CyberLynk and is the repository for all the technical articles written by the same engineers that bring you Camera Agent Hosting services. There are hundreds of articles still to be posted on and if you have suggestions for subjects you would like to know more about please contact us.

IP Network Technology Driving the Security Industry

by: CyberLynk Staff – December 2, 2009
Surveillance systems have evolved tremendously due the continuous merger of the security industry and IT sector. Today’s systems are smarter, highly advanced, and yet more comprehensive than ever before. These solutions offer endless possibilities in terms of location, integration, access and expansion. The future of video surveillance lies in IP-based network cameras.[read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Daycare Centers

by: CyberLynk Staff – November 4, 2009
Daycare centers all over the country are discovering that utilizing surveillance systems is a valuable asset for many parents. By incorporating IP based security systems in their facilities, parents can be provided with the ability to remotely login to video footage throughout the day and monitor activities. This trend is of great interest [read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Government Agencies

by: CyberLynk Staff – October 22, 2009
It is important for government operations and facilities to be equipped with the latest in security technology. IP based video surveillance systems are the perfect solution, providing enhanced security for monitoring entrances, exits and exterior areas to keep government buildings, documents and employees secure. [read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Retail

by: CyberLynk Staff – October 6, 2009
When it comes to the retail industry, efficient security systems are more important than ever. Why? The answer is simple – shoplifting and internal theft is on the steady incline. [read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Industrial Sites

by: CyberLynk Staff – September 28, 2009
Industrials sites such as factories and warehouses can benefit tremendously from the enhanced security provided by IP network technology. The increasing threat of terrorism and the theft of valuable materials have made the manufacturing, shipping and storing of goods riskier than ever. For this reason, sites across various industries are seeking more [read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Healthcare

by: CyberLynk Staff – September 10, 2009
Healthcare is one of the most common yet important elements of any culture. While this field covers a broad category of areas, the goals are the same – treatment, cure and prevention. Whether it is a hospital, clinic or small doctor’s office, security is a priority for healthcare facilities of all shapes and [read more]

Axis Communications: Leader of the IP Camera Industry

by: CyberLynk Staff – August 17, 2009
With security being a larger concern than ever before, home and business owners are increasingly replacing their traditional surveillance camera systems with IP cameras. While there are a number of manufacturers to choose from, Axis Communications is currently the leader in IP network cameras. This company has been in the industry for decades [read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Transportation

by: CyberLynk Staff – August 5, 2009
The high stakes and complexities involved with properly monitoring and securing transportation facilities takes more than the average video surveillance system. These processes are required to be more robust, powerful and sophisticated than nearly any other industry. Remote IP based surveillance solutions are up for the task, providing automated detection and advanced video [read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Schools

by: CyberLynk Staff – July 29, 2009
Video surveillance has been a viable security tool for many years. Security cameras have become such a common fixture that you are probably accustom to walking inside of a store and seeing yourself on a monitor. Retail stores and banks especially have come to rely on the enhanced protection provided by video surveillance. [read more]

The Benefits of IP Camera Hosting

by: CyberLynk Staff – July 21, 2009
Security has always been a hot topic on the minds of home owners and businesses. To this end, for years, CCTV tapes were used. Thereafter, security received an upgrade with DVR and NVR systems. While each system is still useful in its own right, IP camera hosting makes the best choice for a [read more]

Remote Video Surveillance for Banks

by: CyberLynk Staff – July 14, 2009
Banks are situated on nearly every corner of every city. They play an integral role in keeping the currency circulating and the economy flowing. With the current economic crisis, banks and financial institutions have taken the hardest hit. Therefore, keeping them protected with the latest in security technology becomes even more vital [read more]

What is IP Camera Hosting?

by: CyberLynk Staff – February 20, 2009
Over the past decade or so, digital cameras have been reduced in terms of size and cost. For this reason, they are now extremely popular and widely used across the country. At one time, networking these devices was a cost-prohibitive, time consuming expense. With the tremendous growth of the internet, wireless hubs and the evolution of digital streaming and image compression, successful transmission requires no significant expense or technical challenges. As security has become an increasing concern of businesses and property owners, it seems as if all the technological advancements are right on time. Thanks to IP camera hosting, those in the public and private sectors can rest a lot easier. [read more]

High-quality IP Camera Systems for Your Business

by: CyberLynk Staff – January 27, 2009
Technology has evolved rapidly over the years, and the security camera industry hasn’t been left out of the mix. The industry is now in the midst of a new revolution that has seen tremendous advancements in video quality and overall functionality. Leading manufacturers like Axis and other companies have introduced security cameras that [read more]

What the Difference Between IP and CCTV Cameras?

by: CyberLynk Staff – January 12, 2009
Many have speculated that the era of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras is coming to an end. These multi-purpose video cassette recorders and all their T-160 tapes are quickly being replaced by capture cards, embedded processors, codecs, and more advanced devices. IP cameras have played a major role in phasing out CCTV cameras, as [read more]
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